Animal Welfare FAQ

5. In support of countries that regulate the treatment of animals, UGG only sources sheepskin from the following countries: Australia, United States, Ireland, United Kingdom and Spain.

One of the reasons UGG only buys sheepskin from these countries is because they all have standards that regulate the treatment of animals.

UGG does not source sheepskin from sheep raised in the Middle East or North Africa or from countries that do not have standards that regulate the treatment of animals.

6. UGG has outlined all the materials it uses in its products here.

UGG only uses animal hides that are a uggs støvler byproduct of another industry. In addition, UGG has banned using angora in our products because of the way the rabbits are treated.

Further, ugg støvler online because UGG cares about our environment and billige ugg støvler the threat of deforestation, we require all ugg hjemmesko tanneries supplying finished leather (cattle hides) to have a Leather Working Group certification and a level “A” rating in traceability. This ensures that the hides are not originating from farms involved in illegal deforestation.